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Elvis Martin’s Biography

Elvis Martin (born 29th of May 1995) is a motivated youth ambassador and ambitious community leader advocating for inclusion, diversity, equality and community justice. He has been recognised for his extensive leadership and volunteer work with organisations such as the Melbourne City Mission, Cohealth Youth Council, R U OK Day, the Council to Homeless Persons and the National Youth Commission. Elvis Martin advocates on issues experienced by youth, disadvantaged persons, LGBTIQ+ people and vulnerable members within our community and is developing strategies for the prevention of mental health issues, domestic violence, homelessness and suicide.

Elvis is currently the proud Ambassador of National Youth Commission Australia and R U OK? Day. In 2018 Elvis traveled to The Hauge, Netherlands where he represented Australia at One Young World. One Young World are a UK-based charity that gathers together the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change.

Most recently Elvis has been invited to travel to represent Australia as a young leader at the Executive Leadership Summit to be held in Africa this year [2019]. Elvis has also been shortlisted [Top 3] for International Young Leader of the Year for 2019 which will be announced in February 2019.

Elvis is an award-winning youth volunteer leader and has received honorable awards such as Peter Sullivan Most Wanted Leader Award, Young People’s Awards 2018 (awarded by the Local Government/ Moonee Valley Council), the Victorian Premier Leadership Award 2018 (State Government), and the Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2018 in Youth Category (State Government).

Elvis Martin
Born May 29, 1995
Born in Hyderabad, India
Citizen Australian
Residence Melbourne, Australia
Profession Community Leader, Public Figure
University Federation University Australia
Degree General Business Administration and Management, 2013-2015
Known for Youth Advocacy
Civil Status Single
Website www.elvismartin.com
Instagram www.instagram.com/elvismartin_official/
Twitter www.twitter.com/elvismartin45/
Facebook www.facebook.com/elvismartin45/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/elvis-martin-584195148/

1. Biography
a. Early Life
b. Life Changing Conversation
2. Advocacy
a. Areas of Advocacy
i. Mental Health, Suicide Prevention
ii. Homelessness
iii. Gender Equality
iv. Domestic Violence
v. LGBTIQ+ Community
vi. Diversity and Inclusion
3. Experiences and Organizations
4. Awards

1. Biography
a. Early Life
Elvis Martin (born 29th of May 1995), is was born in Hyderabad India into a religious home. As a young adult migrated to Melbourne, Australia to complete his studies. He graduated from Federation University Australia with a Bachelor in General Business Administration and Management.

b. Life Changing Conversation
Elvis Martin is one of many people who felt like he was in the dark at a young age. Nevertheless, one particular scenario changed his perspective in life – this was the day he met and conversed with a duty nurse at Royal Melbourne.
Elvis was in a low moment in his life when a nurse approached him and started a conversation that has been his turning point.
The encounter triggered Elvis to boost his self-esteem and started opening up to the people around him. This was the beginning of his journey to dedicating his life to driving policy change as a youth advocate and for him being appointed as a youth ambassador for many organizations.

2. Advocacy
Elvis’s main focus is to support young people who are experiencing hardships in life. He uses his personal life experiences to educate others in the community and influence decision-makers to create better policies. He has served the community and people in need for many years by supporting them and bringing them out of their hardships and by making them confident and feel proud of who they are. After experiencing difficulty in life and overcoming many personal life hurdles, Elvis has made his purpose and dedicated his life to support those who are going through similar experiences.

“My mission is simple. I want to support those who are in need, and I want to help them achieve their goals and be proud of who they are. I believe every young person is brave enough to be successful, but sometimes life doesn’t give them a chance to reach their goals. I feel deeply disheartened when I see statistics on youth homelessness, young people experiencing domestic violence and [the] majority of youth experiencing mental health issues. I wouldn’t just blame the system for this; I believe it is also due to [a] lack of compassion and equality in society. I want people to be more compassionate and kind towards each other. How we can achieve this is by being non-judgmental, accepting differences and respecting others’ choices.
To those who experience hardships in life and believe they are worthless and can’t achieve anything, I want to say that just because there is an obstacle in your path, that doesn’t mean you will have to get off the road. You are strong and worthy of living a beautiful life; I acknowledge [that] it’s hard now, but you will get there”.
~Elvis Martin | Advocacy. Expertise. Leadership.

a. Areas of Advocacy
i. Mental Health, Suicide Prevention
Elvis is advocating to reduce the stigma and enable young people to speak out about their mental health issues. He believed that with an increased focus on mental health and support services for those at risk of harm, we can prevent suicide.

“Elvis educating NAB decision-makers and Women In Technology.”

Elvis educates NAB decision-makers and Women in Technology about various community issues faced by disadvantaged people through sharing his life experiences. He encouraged them to take part in making a difference in the community today.
He was invited as the speaker on Purple Day at Melbourne Water to share his personal experiences and to explain how organisations can navigate the emerging challenges they are facing to promote, achieve and preserve basic human rights such as equality and inclusion.

As an R U OK? Ambassador, Elvis actively promotes RUOK’s national movement for Suicide Prevention. He is passionate about this organization, as he has personally faced struggles that led himself to be suicidal.

Elvis was at Midsumma Festival as a co-founder and representative of Cohealth Youth Action Council. He was promoting community health and educating people about health issues and precautions. At the same time, he was showcasing the great work that the youth space of Cohealth is doing and how it is giving a voice to young people experiencing mental health issues.

Elvis was invited to be part of the Place-Based Suicide Prevention Trial1 alongside many organizations’ decision makers, he was the only young member at this meeting and was giving perspectives of young people experiencing mental health that leads to suicide.

“Elvis and the YAG Team hosted the Night of Kindness.”

ii. Homelessness
38% of people experiencing homelessness are under 25. Elvis advocates for youth in the community who are facing homelessness and fighting for sustainable living. Elvis is advocating for safe, affordable housing and better rental rights to address Australia’s homelessness crisis.

Elvis has written an article on young people, homelessness and trauma which was published in Parity magazine. He was also part of the panel of Experts for Youth Homelessness at the Parity Launch.

“Young People, Homelessness and Trauma by Elvis Martin. Read the article here on Page 12.”
Elvis supports Council to Homeless Person. The agenda focused on encouraging the Government to work on policy to resolve the issues of homelessness by promoting the EVERYBODY’S HOME15 campaign, a campaign that aims to provide housing for all.

He promoted “Sleep At The G”16 [Sleep at the Melbourne Cricket Ground] at the Melbourne City Mission corporate breakfast, educating the corporate world about homelessness and pathways to end homelessness. He also promoted Sleep At The G at various organizations to raise awareness about homelessness and encouraging to take actions and donate money for the Frontyard redevelopment – a project that can support young people by providing them with a place to sleep.
The fundraising campaign has successfully raised a sensational total of $1,011,776.

Elvis was also on the panel for ‘Experts of Youth Homelessness’18 providing strategies to community workers on how they can support young people experiencing homelessness in different but effective approaches.

At the Melbourne City Missions’ Sleep at the G, the Compassion booth was set up for people to write down and share their acts of compassion and kindness. This is one of the projects which Elvis drove, alongside the Melbourne City Mission Youth Action Group.

Elvis attended StreetCount 201820 (19 June) with around 400 trained volunteers participating across all municipalities. StreetCount collects information about people sleeping rough within parks, on streets and in other locations across inner Melbourne.

“Elvis at the Parity launch to discuss the issues causing homelessness and ways to end homelessness.”
iii. Gender Equality
Elvis Martin strongly believes that there are gaps in the system where certain genders are discriminated against. He advocates for equal rights for all genders. For him, it doesn’t matter which gender you belong to. He strongly believes if there is no shame being a man, there should be no shame in being a woman or gender diverse.

He is passionate about promoting gender equality through equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, age, disability or sexuality, including economic participation and decision-making.

Elvis presented at the Melbourne City Mission Conference and talked about combating inequality and providing strategies to the audience on how they can make a difference in someone’s life by promoting equality.

Elvis alongside Melbourne City Mission created a compassion booth. The Compassion Booth project aims to raise awareness about inequality, reduce the stigma surrounding the issues young people face and encourage acts of compassion from the public. Through the Compassion Booth, they hope to start conversations and form connections between Victorians, to encourage understanding between diverse groups of people and to promote a more equal and compassionate society. Their mission is to combat everyday inequalities and get people thinking about what they can do to address inequality. They hope to stimulate further engagement and create action across these various social justice issues.

“Joy 94.922 radio station team visited compassion booth and talked about inequality with the special focus on LGBTI community.”

iv. Domestic Violence
Elvis advocate for the people who are in a position where they cannot speak for themselves. Through his own story of hardship, his mission is to lift people out of poverty to achieve a better quality of life.

“Elvis Martin with Winnie Byanyima the Oxfam International, Executive Director”

v. LGBTQIA+ Community
Elvis Martin stands in full acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community.
Elvis was selected to do a media training with Joy 94.9 radio station with other passionate young people in the media space. The JOY Radio Training course provided Elvis with radio broadcast training in on-air presentation, interviewing techniques, studio operation, media law, digital editing and loads more. These skills, knowledge, and expert guidance has helped him to independently create and deliver great radio and live presentations with passion and confidence.
In 2016, Elvis has been selected as the ambassador for Joy 94.9 radio station scholarship program. He has made videos to promote equality and has also been an advocate for LGBTI rights. He has given various talks advising parents and young people how to safely come out, he worked on projects that support young LGBTI community.

Elvis has been selected as an ambassador of Zine magazine, working alongside with other ambassadors/community leaders to create an online platform for diverse LGBTI community and young LGBTI migrants.

“Elvis and Melbourne City Mission team at the announcement of Marriage Equality on 15 Nov 2017 and celebrating the equality movement of this country.”

Elvis started a campaign to encourage people to enroll and vote for marriage equality. He received a positive and successful response from the community, over 700 people enrolled to vote YES for marriage equality.

vi. Diversity and Inclusion
In 2017, 24 community leaders from Yarra River Community Assembly were chosen to write a 50-year vision for the future of the Yarra River and Elvis was one of them. The Vision outlines the long-term aspirations of the river corridor, and the values set out in it will be brought to life through the Yarra Strategic Plan being led by Melbourne Water. It is a collaboration with the community, the Wurundjeri and partner organizations to provide strategic direction for land use for the Yarra, and is the result of more 12 months of consultation with Traditional Owners and the wider community – with more than 2,000 people outlining what was important to them about the Yarra. The Yarra River Action Plan is about taking meaningful steps so Birrarung – our iconic Yarra River – can continue to thrive and be enjoyed for generations to come. 26

Elvis was the selected participant for the humanitarian camp which was run by Red Cross and its youth action council managed and organized by young people to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion.

He was a part of the United Nations Urban Agenda as the Australian Youth Representative in 201727. He was honored to be there raising the profile of young people and advocate on the international level.

“Elvis as a Yarra River Community Assembly member with Melbourne Water team introduced the vision to community members and get the feedback and suggestions of the wider community.
3. Experiences and Organizations
• Melbourne Water- Yarra River Community Assembly Member, Sep 2017 – Present 28
• City of Melbourne – 1st ever youth adviser on Homelessness, Mar 2018 – Present 28
• City of Melbourne – Pathway Innovation Grant Assessor, Oct 2017 – Present 28
• National Youth Commission (Australia) – Ambassador, Apr 2018 – Present 28
• R U OK? – Ambassador, Feb 2018 – Present 28
• Council of Homeless Persons – PESP, Jan 2017 – Present 28
• JOY 94.9 – Scholarship Ambassador, May 2016 – Present 28
• CoHealth – Co-founder and Senior Youth Representative Youth Action Council, Mar 2016 – Present 28
• Community – Youth Advocate, Jan 2016 – Present 28
• Melbourne City Mission – Youth Advocate, Mar 2016 – Dec 2017 28
• International Student Support – Student Advocate, Feb 2015 – Sep 2017 28
• Roodogs4wd – Executive Administrative Manager, Mar 2014 – Aug 2014 28
“Elvis Martin, National Homelessness Conference 2018 | AHURI, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute”29
“Sep 2017 – YAG Compassion Booth, Elvis’ project”30

Elvis was recently interviewed about how the National Youth Commission is sparking robust debate and conversation around how we can work together as a community, to tackle and solve problems impacting Melbourne’s youth. Elvis is passionate about the work the National Youth Commission is doing to educate and empower Melbourne youth. They are helping youth to equip themselves with education, qualifications, and experience to build successful careers and make a difference in our community.
Elvis attended Melbourne City Mission OCC 2017 Future Leaders Summit, space for young people to engage in peer-to-peer learning focused on inclusion, belonging and social cohesion. The event was focused around empowering the next generation of global citizens. The event agenda was focused on the themes of Leadership and Advocacy, Marginalisation and Belonging, Employment, Discrimination, and Bias.

“Image Caption: The Youth Action Group in action at Flagstaff Gardens.”32
Elvis is a senior representative of young people with a disability at Co-Health Youth Action Council

Workshop participants (from left to right) Edward Quoibia, Ilyana, Kirstin Jenkins, Ian Gough, Elvis Martin. Probono Australia

4. Awards
• Peter Sullivan Most Wanted Leader Award
• Young People’s Awards 2018 (Given by Local Government/ Moonee Valley Council)
• Victorian Premier Leadership Award 2018 (State Government) 3
• Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2018 in Youth Category (State Government) 4
• 2009 Best Actor Award at Ravinder Bharti 36
• 2009 and 2010 Rajiv Gandhi Vidya Vikas Merit award 36
• Cohealth Award35

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