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Elvis Martin is one of the passionate young leaders of Victoria advocating for social justice.


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About Elvis


Elvis Martin is one of the passionate young leaders of Victoria advocating for social justice. He is currently the Ambassador of National Youth Commission Australia and RUOK? Day. His main focus is to support young people who are experiencing hardships in life. His areas of advocacy work include mental health, homelessness, domestic violence, suicide prevention and the LGBTIQ+ community. He uses his platform to promote inclusion, diversity and equality for all.

Elvis uses his personal life experiences to educate others in the community and influence decision-makers to create better policies. He has served the community and people in need for many years by supporting them and bringing them out of their hardships and by making them feel proud of who they are. After experiencing difficulty in life and overcoming many personal life hurdles, Elvis has made his purpose to support those who are going through similar experiences to what hw went through.

Many young people have described his journey as an inspiration to them, and they look up to his resilience and leadership. His style of advocacy has brought a real difference and raised the profile of youth at various platforms. He always advocates for people who cannot speak up for themselves. ( Student support team)

In a conversation with Elvis, “My mission is simple. I want to support those who are in need, and I want to help them achieve their goals and be proud of who they are. I believe every young person is brave enough to be successful, but sometimes life doesn’t give them a chance to reach their goals. I feel deeply disheartened when I see statistics on youth homelessness, young people experiencing domestic violence and majority of youth experiencing mental health issues. I wouldn’t just blame the system for this; I believe it is also due to lack of compassion and equality in society. I want people to be more compassionate and kind towards each other. How we can achieve this is by being non-judgmental, accepting differences and respecting others’ choices.

To those who experience hardships in life and believe they are worthless and can’t achieve anything, I want to say that just because there is an obstacle in your path, that doesn’t mean you will have to get off the road. You are strong and worthy of living a beautiful life; I acknowledge it’s hard now, but you will get there”.

Hear what others say about Elvis

I had the pleasure of working with Elvis creating awareness of the issues impacting young people experiencing homelessness. Elvis is a driven professional who possesses excellent communication skills and I wish him every success in all future endeavors.
Shelley Falzon
Events Manager at Melbourne City Mission


Elvis Martin is an incredible voice of courage and support for people who need someone to step forward for them. His kindness and connection shine through in all he does. Elvis cares deeply about the causes he champions - Homelessness, LGBTIQ and Youth centric issues, and the people who are most affected, are among some he brings a voice to. Elvis has been an amazing advocate for Ready Set, always open to giving his time to help in any way possible – his story is a story of strength against adversity, and his image on our website displays hope, offering that and courage to all those we seek to support. I am very grateful to Elvis for the work he does and cant wait to see what a difference this committed young many will continue to make for many years to come.

Jodie Tuckwell-Knight Chief Executive Officer, Ready Set

Elvis Martin is a bright young activist and standard-bearer for human rights and a passionate advocate for the issues of LGBTQI communities. he has my admiration and support

Associate Professor David Mackenzie CHAIRMEN Youth Development Australia

Elvis’s breadth and depth of understanding of the real issues of humanity are striking and incomparable. He is one player you would want on your team.

Beverley Pinder Peoples Portfolio Chair and Councillor, the City of Melbourne and Business Owner

Elvis Martin is a most generous person and talented storyteller who shares his valuable life experience in a way that engages, informs and inspires audiences to think positively and look out for others.   I have engaged Elvis to be a keynote speaker with hundreds of young people in the audience - and would do so again without hesitation.

Mo O’Meara International Governance Facilitator, MOHOW

In the time I have known Elvis he has demonstrated strong humanitarian values, and he is committed to supporting people in times of vulnerability.

Ross Pinney President Australian Red Cross

Elvis Martin is an incredible young man. His ability to engage, connect and authentically share his life story and experiences is truly humbling. When he is behind a microphone, his energy and passion for changing hearts and minds is abundant. He engages his audience on a personal level and inspires them to see the world differently and shift their attitudes towards systemic issues such as homelessness, mental health and sexuality. He is an incredible person to start a conference or corporate event – he is willing to share his own life story and his amazing words of resilience and how to embrace life challenges for the better, is a wonderful opportunity to engage and inspire workplace teams. He is a passionate advocate for equality and social justice. He will make you laugh, he will invoke emotion and he will inspire you from the moment he steps into a room.

Simone Power Development Manger The CP Info Project

Elvis Martin is the Principal Ambassador of National Youth Commission and National Deputy chair of Red-Cross and much more . Elvis is a passionate  and committed young man advocating for the rights of the LGBTIQA+ community and is a strong advocate supporting various initiatives and work within the homelessness, mental health, domestic violence and social justice areas. Elvis has also worked closely with Melbourne City Mission over the years and I have had the great pleasure of working with and alongside Elvis during this time.  We have developed a great partnership and I look forward to seeing Elvis’ journey and hope to work with him again soon.

Sandhya Jadunundun Melbourne city Mission

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