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Elvis Martin is one of the passionate young leaders of Victoria advocating for social justice.


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Diversity & Inclusion For Sustainbility


“Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs”.

Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability. What does this mean?
No Poverty, No Hunger, Good Health and Well being, Education, Clean Water, Gender Equality, Affordable & Clean Energy, Affordable Housing, Peace & Justice and Strong Partnerships for the Future.

Ending Poverty, Hunger & Homelessness

Urban poverty is an under reported and under estimated issue within our society. Many people end up homeless due to housing affordability, domestic violence, disabilities or trauma and more.
Advancements and innovation in technology are taking leaps and bounds towards sustainable farming for sustainable production and consumption.

Gender Equality

Gender equality starts with standing up and speaking up, but also needs extensive policy reform and commitment to community education. Areas to focus education and policy reform around include: the pay gap for women and LBGTI, bullying and sexual harassment education and reform, jobs for people with criminal backgrounds and mental disease or disability, boosting inclusion through diversity initiative and more.

In 2017, 24 community leaders from Yarra River Community Assembly were chosen to write a 50-year vision for the future of the Yarra River and Elvis was one of them. The Vision outlines the long-term aspirations for the river corridor, and the values set out in it will be brought to life through the Yarra Strategic Plan being led by Melbourne Water. It is a collaboration with the community, the Wurundjeri and partner organisations to provide strategic direction for land use for the Yarra, and is the result of more 12 months of consultation with Traditional Owners and the wider community – with more than 2,000 people outlining what was important to them about the Yarra. The Yarra River Action Plan is about taking meaningful steps so Birrarung – our iconic Yarra River – can continue to thrive and be enjoyed for generations to come.


Elvis was the selected participant for humanitarian camp which was run by Red Cross and its youth action council managed and organised by young people to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. People from all walks of life was present and it great to meet and learn from other humanitarian leaders.

Listening to representative of India to United Nations Urban Agenda was inspiring. She came out with a great idea of development and collaboration between cities to develop infrastructure. As a youth representative of Australia, Elvis felt inspired by her as she mentioned about the development of youth and bringing youth to the development committee and giving young people an opportunity to make decisions about their future.

Elvis was a part of the United Nations Urban Agenda as the Australian Youth Representative in 2017. He was honoured to be there raising the profile of young people and advocate on the international level.

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