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Elvis Martin is one of the passionate young leaders of Victoria advocating for social justice.


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You’re not defined by your experience,    it’s something you went through, not something you are.

Nobody chooses to be homeless, they are victims of their circumstances and life doesn’t give them a chance to move on. People ended up homeless due to many reasons:

  • Family violence
  • Mental Illness, Trauma and other Illnesses
  • Substance Misuse
  • Discrimination or Financial disadvantage
  • Personal or family crisis
  • Exits from care
  • Crime/Incarceration/ Institutionalisation
  • Elder Abuse

On any given night, 116,427 people experiencing homelessness in Australia. This is a huge increase from the last census. Number jumping from 102,439 in 2011 (a 13.7% increase). There has been an increase of 28% for Australians aged 55+, 40% of the people experiencing homelessness are under the age of 25. 40% of people experiencing homelessness are part of the LGBTI community. In Victoria, over 24,817 people were homeless on the census night in 2016 (an 11.3% increase from 2011).

Elvis has written an article on young people, homelessness and trauma which was published in Parity magazine. He was also part of the panel of Experts for Youth Homelessness at the Parity Launch.

We can’t ignore Youth Homelessness. Our Youth are the future of our country. If they are homeless then our future is hopeless.

Our housing system is broken. Whether you’re struggling to find shelter each night or looking to buy your first home, the government can do simple things to improve the system and to make sure everyone has a home. 

This is Elvis atCouncil to Homeless Person preparing the agenda for the next elections. The agenda focused on encouraging the Government to work on policy to resolve the issues of homelessness by promoting the EVERYBODY’S HOME campaign, a campaign that aims to provide housing for all. 

Elvis promoting “Sleep At The G” [Sleep at the Melbourne Cricket Ground] at the Melbourne City Mission corporate breakfast, educating the corporate world about homelessness and pathways to end homelessness.

Elvis was on the panel for ‘Experts of Youth Homelessness’ providing strategies to community workers on how they can supporting young people experiencing homelessness in different but effective approaches. Conversations were around the challenges of the diversity of people experiencing homelessness and how community workers can support them without being judgmental. We also shared the experiences of a few young people who find it hard to access community services due to their race, religion and sexuality. On top of that, language barriers can be really challenge for these young people. 

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